Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What have they got to hide?

Brian Binley’s request that the agreement between the Borough Council and Legal&General be made public has been refused on the grounds that the agreement contains “commercially confidential material.”

Brian responded by recognising that the agreement could contain financial details would be commercially sensitive but stated that those can easily be emitted in any copy of the agreement sent to him.

Brian went onto claim that it was in the interests of the people of Northampton that the details of the agreement were made public to clear up the many rumours circulating throughout the town as a result of the deal.

Brian Said: “I recognise that the agreement will contain commercially sensitive information but this can easily be removed. The agreement is central to the debate on the town centre and having an understanding of the agreement is vital to a fair and informed debate.”

“The people of Northampton deserve to know the truth of the matter. Our town is more important, has a much longer history and should not be pushed around by a company who has appeared so unhelpful to date. “

“Legal&General should either get on with it or get out.”

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