Monday, 1 March 2010

Confident, Competent, Capable Pupils

Brian Binley MP for Northampton South has praised the efforts of Millway Primary School and Duston Secondary school following a visit to Millway.

The efforts of Millway primary are worthy of praise not least because of the quality of their transition from middle school to primary school in a way which underlines the value of that change. The school clearly has a great teacher-pupil understanding and this is shown by the pupil’s confident, capable and enthusiastic approach to learning.

Both Duston Secondary and Millway Primary seem to be thriving as a result of good teacher-pupil relationships. Jane Herriman has also done exceptionally well as head of Duston Secondary in implementing the core values and as a consequence has turned the school round quite dramatically. That trend is pursued just as vigorously at Millway primary school.

Duston Secondary’s improvement is deservedly highlighted by the latest OFSTED report which claimed “outstanding and decisive leadership has brought about a rapid improvement in students achievement and personal development.”

Brian Said: “I have always believed that the teacher-pupil relationship is key to a child’s development and that process lies at the heart of the success of both Duston Secondary and Millway Primary.”

“I visited every class at Millway Primary, thanks to the good office of head teacher Paul Sentance, and I was immensely impressed by the confidence expressed by the pupils and the dedication displayed by all the teachers.”

“Pupils appeared happy, contented, confident and capable of fulfilling their potential and I believe that both Paul Sentance and Jane Herriman are worthy of praise in their approach to the children’s needs. Northampton should be very proud of them.”

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