Monday, 1 March 2010

MP Disappointed by Ministers Response

Brian Binley MP for Northampton South was disappointed that his request for extra funding for Weston Favell School was turned down by Vernon Coaker, Minister of State for Schools and learners.

In a letter to Ed Balls, Brian stated that both the County Council and the School had wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds in the initial plan to turn the School into an academy with the ULT as sponsors. – Which has now fallen through.

Brian also stated that Parents, Teachers and Governors were against the idea and the proposed plans have set the School back further by causing sizeable disruption.

Brian Said: “The Minister has clearly rejected my request for extra money and I am extremely disappointed.”

“A sizeable amount of money has been spent on something which now may or may not happen.

“Both the School and County Council have heavily invested in the proposed Academy and they have been left not knowing what is going to happen following the withdrawal of the ULT.”

“We are no further forward in resolving the situation at Weston Favell School.”

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