Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bring forward fuel stabiliser urges local MP

Brian Binley MP for Northampton South has hit out at the previous Labour Government’s fuel duty increases and called on the current Government to bring forward a fuel duty stabiliser in yesterdays opposition day debate in the House of Commons.

Brian said: “I have a message for the Economic Secretary from hauliers in my constituency, such as Wrefords and Butts. They understand what the Government needs to do to put the deficit right, but they urge him to do something that was in our manifesto, namely bring forward a stabiliser. They do not understand why we have not done it already."

Whilst interjecting on the cost of fuel prices for small and medium sized businesses Brian said: “I am concerned that the four increases in fuel duty are not as necessary as we were told by the then Government.”

A report compiled by the AA on the latest fuel pricing figures for the month of December 2010 shows that the average price of unleaded has now hit 122.1pence per litre and the cost of diesel 126.2 pence per litre, making British fuel prices amongst the highest in Europe.

Brian said: “We must help small and medium sized business now; they are vitally important and will provide the jobs growth that the growth agenda requires.”

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